Wedding Venue Rental Service


Requirements for applicants::

  • 1) Applicants are the marrying parties (i.e. a male and a female are engaged/ betrothed) both must be baptized Christians;
  • 2) Applicants shall attend their church frequently;
  • 3) Applicants shall attend Christian pre-marital counseling before wedding;
  • 4) Applicants shall agree to receive the wedding liturgy under the Hong Kong Luther Church Synod, and allow the pastor appointed by our church to conduct the liturgy. His signature will be on the official marriage certificate;
  • 5) Under civil laws and the regulations of the HKSAR, a giving of notice must be made by the applicants at the Marriage Registry before wedding;
  • 6) In accordance with the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G) regarding the number of persons allowed in wedding ceremonies.

For enquiries and application,

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How to book:

i) Applicants are required to complete the specific application form of venue booking;
ii) Senior Pastor/Person in-charge of applicant’s church shall certify the items 1 and 2 in above requirements for applicants;
iii) Applicants are required to summit a proof of completion in Christian pre-marriage counseling (before wedding);
iv) Half of the service charge shall be paid within 7 days after the confirmation of acceptance. For payment by cheque, a cross cheque made payable to "Redemption Lutheran Church Ltd" or “路德會救恩堂有限公司”;
v) The deposit will not be refunded in any case of cancellation;
vi) Applicants are required to give a Notice of Marriage (the notice) to the Hong Kong Marriage Registration Office no earlier than 3 months but at least 15 days before the date of intended marriage;
vii) Applicants shall contact us to make an appointment for the wedding rehearsal date after giving the notice. The rehearsal includes the whole ritual process, and the rehearsal will be last for one hour;
viii) A first draft of the wedding rundown shall be sent to the church before the rehearsal of the wedding ceremony. It can be printed upon approval of the church;
ix) The balance must be paid prior to the wedding rehearsal;
x) All cleaning and removal of decorations must be completed immediately after the wedding. Applicants shall notify our staff before leaving. The applicants are liable for any loss or damage of the provided facilities

Terms and Conditions

a) The charge of service is HK $11,000.00, which including wedding hall, rehearsal venue, audio equipments, air-conditioning, cleaning service and clerical support for marriage certificate;
b) The wedding should be held on Saturday or Sunday. And the maximum hiring period is 3 hours (between 2 pm to 5:30 pm) Booking in December is not preferred;
c) The wedding rehearsal is about one hour;
d) Applicants may decorate the hall and the staircase accessing the hall upon approval. Applicants are entitled to have one extra hour for decoration before their wedding;
e) Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the hall;
f) Tea party is not allowed to be held before or after the wedding;
g) Smoking is strictly prohibited in whole premises